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Domestic Trademark (CPG)
Long King is one of the largest printing groups that provides new trademark design and double-sided trademark printing services. With the assistance of Long Kings professional printing technical and design teams, Long King strives to optimize the labelling design so that the original trademark can be shown on the package of products. In terms of medicine package design, besides adhesive trademark services, the descriptive manual printing services are also included. We are not only able to tailor-make unique packages for various products, but also able to produce IML that fits perfectly to products.
Electronic Trademark (ICT)
Besides traditional serial trademark, anti-counterfeit trademark, water transfer punch and HTD, Long King also provides 3C decorative products printing services, such as IMF. Long King professional technology will definitely make the 3C more stylish and colourful, including printing services related to notebook computers or removable hard discs or graphics cards.
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