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Long King strives to provide an excellent work environment based on its insistence of its belief in individuality, so that all members of Long King will be able to fulfil their dreams through their work and find joy in their lives.
Sharing of profits from the fruits of everyone's labour
In order to show our appreciation for employees hard work and contributions to the company, according to the company's operating performance, Long King offers better year-end bonuses than our competitors.
An accommodating work environment
We pledge to provide a safe and hygienic workplace for employees. Each mill has its own employee canteen and convenience store so employees can enjoy healthy, tasty meals and convenience.
Numerous employee recreational activities
Every mill is equipped with a number of recreational facilities and audio-visual entertainment equipment for employees to use during their leisure time.
A variety of welfare benefits
Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-autumn Festival Bonus
Paid bank holidays, statutory holidays
MPF(HK), labour/health insurance (Taiwan), long-term payment and labour insurance (Mainland China)
Paid annual leave, allowances for field personnel
Two days off per week
Ceremonies to award outstanding employees and senior employees
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