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1975-1980   Initially called Loeng Mei Enterprise, the companys focus was mainly on producing trademarked materials.
Since then, the company has been producing its own trademarked goods at its facility, Zhong Gang Mill, in Xinzhuang City.
1980-1990   Loeng Ging Stock Limited Corporation was established in Ban Qiao Da Yong to formally run the printing business, especially the trademarked printing.
1990-1995   The company continued to expand rapidly and established San Chong Guang Fu Mill and Design Research Center. The company also introduced high-speed rotary machines imported from Japan and started to export products to European countries and America.
1995-1998   To continue its development, San Chong Guang Fu Factory was built, which operated lithographic printing operations using Man Roland high-speed lithographic printing machines imported from Germany.
1998-2003   Long King established its Hong Kong branch as well as opened its Xin Qiao Printing Factory in Shenzhen. These new facilities provided coordinated professional printing services, including pre-printing services, production and post-production packaging as well as export services.
2003-2010   Its Sha Jing Factory in Shenzhen was expanded to an area of 80,000 square meters. Several post production machines and German Man Roland high-speed printing machines were added to meet growing demand, in addition to a logistic center covering an area of 20,000 square meters. Today, it is capable of printing 15,000 square meters every day.
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